Greater than summer:

If this is your first time going on a summer trip with LABC I would like to take a moment to explain the journey you are beginning.  Falls Creek is the first of four main trips that are designed to build on each other.  Each trip provides new opportunities and challenges.  The final goal is a disciple of Jesus who will live their life on mission for His glory.  It is important to us that you continue to grow in your relationship with Christ.  So if you have already been to Falls Creek with us a few times we would like to encourage you to prayerfully consider attending our Right of Passage Retreat (AKA) Journey Quest this summer.  If you have any questions about Falls Creek or Journey Quest feel free to contact me at (580)334-7903.

Jesus > anything;  Pastor Andrew Dostal

  • At the heart of LABC’s student ministry is a belief that Jesus is greater than anything.  So when we go to Falls Creek we don’t just go to camp.  Jesus, makes it “Greater than Camp”: This is our entry level summer trip for students that are going into 7th-12th grade.  Greater than Camp takes place at Falls Creek every summer.  Our purpose for this week is building relationships and immersing ourselves in the gospel.  This means we work hard to help students understand what it means to put their faith in Christ and also teach them how to communicate the Good News clearly to others.

  • Journey Quest is our rite of passage trip for students who are seeking to go deeper in their walk with Christ and are wanting to learn more about growing in leadership. Journey Quest is a Christian Wilderness Ministry that will take us on a 5day backpacking and rafting trip.  Led by trained guides, students will participate in a wilderness camping experience in which they will learn to follow and to lead through several challenges.  One of our challenges will be reading and discussing a book.  Each student will be assigned a chapter to lead a discussion over.

  • When we truly see the glory of Jesus our hearts are transformed so that we begin to love the things that He loves.  This love and excitement over the glory of Jesus is one of the goals of genuine discipleship.  We long for every student who comes through our ministry to see that they were made to be worshippers who proclaim the excellence of Christ to the nations.  The St. Louis Project is designed to give students a taste of this by working alongside Jesus' Bride in the inner city.